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Teen Course Outline 


Teenager driver training course consist of 30 hours of classroom instructions, which include 8 hours of nature and the medical, biological and physiological effects of alcohol and drugs and their impact on the operator of a motor vehicle and the dangers associated with the operation of a motor vehicle after the consumption of alcohol or drug abuse, and the penalties for alcohol and drug related with a motor vehicle violations. Including 2 hours parent training curriculum standard.


Also 8 hours of behind the wheel on the road with a licensed instructor. This training is conducted in four classes of two hours each. The student will learn the basic driving skills necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely.

Program studies outline: 

Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle laws and procedures.


  • Signs, Signals, and Roadway Markings.
  • You as the driver in the Highway Transportation System.
  • Developing Proper Seeing Habits While Driving.
  • Using the Controls to Handle the Vehicle.
  • Driving in the City and Vehicle Maneuvers.
  • Dealing with Emergency Vehicles.


  • Alcohol, Drug, and Driving Risks.
  • Left and Right Turning Maneuvers 
  • Defensive Driving Tactics.
  • Owning and Maintaining a Vehicle.
  • Knowing Connecticut Alcohol Laws.

Upon completion the Driving Education Course, Connecticut Driving School, Inc. Will issue a certificate certifying that he or she has completed 30 hours of Classroom Instructions, Including 8 Hour Course of Safe Driving Practice with 2 Hour of Parent Training.

Most Insurance Companies offer you a 10% to 20% off discount on your insurance with this Driving Education Certificate (CS-1.)