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Adult training & 8hr Safe Driving Practice Course


Adult Behind the wheel training and retaining is provided by a Connecticut Driving School in a dual brake controlled vehicle. We have instructors of different gender and also from different cultural background. We will always provide you an instructor whom you will feel most comfortable with.

We realize that it takes a little more courage to learn to drive as an adult than it does as a teenager. 

For those adults that have never driven before we have special eight hour packages which are cost effective and special classroom studies which will qualify you for  Off-Site Test Testing.

We can provide special attention to mature drivers that may need to go to the DMV and take their driving test, or they may take their license Exam at Connecticut Driving School we will preparing all paperwork for the test at are Driving School Site (Connecticut Driving School, Inc.)


You learn both basic and critical skills.

  • Accelerate.
  • Brakes.
  • Left and Right Turn.
  • Parallel Parking.
  • Perpendicular Parking.
  • Backing.
  • 3-Point Turn.
  • Yield The Right Of Way.

The Instructor and the DMV Inspector/Agent  (The Driver License Agent) will instruct you to follow certain directions or perform certain maneuvers in order to evaluate specific driving skills.

Mandatory Course Adult 8 Hour Course On Safe Driving Practice program.

Certificate - CS-1

This includes 8 hours of  the nature and the medical, biological and physiological effects of alcohol and drugs and their impact on the operator of a motor vehicle and the dangers associated with the operation of a motor vehicle after the consumption of alcohol or drug abuse, and the penalties for alcohol and drug related with a motor vehicle violations.

The course is given in two major sections, first four hours will include topics 1 introduction of the Alcohol Problem - Saying no and avoiding peer pressure, Topic 2 physiological and psychological effects of alcohol on the Driving Task, Topic 3 Alcohol Effects on the Driving Task, Topic 4 Knowing Connecticut Alcohol Laws, Topic 5 Nature of Alcohol - Related Crashes.

The second portion of the eight hours course Topic 6 Dealing with Driver Fatigue, Topic 7 Preventing Road Rage, Topic 8 Developing Good Driving Habits, Topic 9 Highway Driving, Topic10 Driving Under Adverse Conditions and Handling Emergencies. Then Final 8 Hrs Safe Driving and Drug/Alcohol Test, 1 Through 10.

This course is given normally on Saturday from 9 am to 1pm part 1 (four hours.) Continued by part 2 on the following Saturdays. Also on Tuesday from 5pm to 9pm part 1 (four hours.) Continuing on Thursday from 5pm to 9pm followed by a ten questions test. Once course is completed a CS-1 certificate will be issued to present on the day of your test. Either at Connecticut Driving School, Inc. or at Motor Vehicles Department.