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About us


Connecticut Driving School, Inc. Was Officially Established in 1988.

However, our instructors were certified through Southern Connecticut State University in 1981, with a

Bachelors Degree on Traffic Safety Education.  And our newest instructors are certified by the American

Automobile Association ( AAA), and certified by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle. 

We serve the Bridgeport community, and the entire Connecticut. We are certified by the State of

Connecticut and follow strict guidelines required by the state. Also, we encourage our student to test in

vehicles due to dual break.

Safety comes first with the State
 of the Art equipment. 




1101 East Main St, Suite 1
Bridgeport, CT. 06608

I 95 South Exit 29, or I 95 North Exit 28


Bus Directions

Buses from Bridgeport bus terminal
Autobuses desde terminal de Bridgeport

Main Bus To East Main Street (Route 9) Bus 9

Bus that travels through Arctic St & Crosses East Main St.
Is (Route 15) Bus 15

Bus that travels through Barnum  Ave & Crosses East Main St.
Is (Route 1) Bus 1

Bus that travels through Boston  Ave & Crosses East Main St.
Is (Route 17) Bus 17


Highway Directions

Interstate 95 { I-95 }
From I-95 Northbound Exit 28
From I-95 Southbound Exit 29 

Merritt Parkway
North Bound Exit 49 S  Proceed on Route 25  to Exit  5.
South Bound Exit 52  Bridgeport Exit to Route  8  South Proceed on Route  8/25  to  Exit  5